Why Use Radon Services?

Experience. Servicing central and southern Illinois for more than 20 years.

Knowledge. Licensed mitigation professional and technician with extensive training and years of hands-on radon system installation and service.

Integrity. Superior mitigation system design and installation with quality workmanship.

Guarantee. For as long as the mitigation system is in operation, we guarantee radon levels in the home to test at or below 3.9 pCi/L.

CredibilityOffering peace of mind knowing your superior radon mitigation system will not cause future costly home repair problems or increased utility bills.

Compliance. All work completed according to Illinois Radon Licensing Act.


Comparing Radon Mitigation Companies?

Ask the following questions:

  1. How long has the company been in business? Will they be around to service your needs in the future?
  2. Who will actually be installing the radon mitigation system? Are they a licensed radon mitigation professional or technician?
  3. How much experience does the installer of the radon mitigation system have?
  4. How will the radon mitigation system be installed? Will it be concealed through the interior of the home or will it be on the exterior of the home with the fan and pipe exposed to the weather elements, subject to costly repairs in the future?
  5. Will the radon mitigation system be energy efficient? How much will your utility bills be affected?
  6. Does the radon mitigation company have proof of liability insurance?
  7. Does the radon mitigation company guarantee their work? If the radon level is not reduced to below 4.0 pCi/L, will the company charge you more money to alter the system?

For over 20 years, Radon Services, Inc. has built a strong reputation based on our high-quality radon mitigation system installations. We do the job right the first time and provide our clients with the peace of mind in knowing their radon system is installed properly and will not cause future costly home repair problems or increased utility bills. When reviewing other bids, please consider more than just the cost of the system. Future home repairs and increased utility bills due to an inferior system installation could cost you much more money than the difference in initial installation prices between companies.